Monday, December 20, 2010

Becky came to visit

Becky only recently, flew around the world on her way home to Oregon from PNG, and then she flew across the US to come visit Megan's family and I in PA.  She isn't quite use to the cold weather we have here, or the snow, so for the first day she wore her jacket a lot.  After that she acclimated and then joe's sweatshirt helped her stay warm.  We watched Emmet Otter, and Peter, Paul and Mary so she wouldn't miss out on those classic Christmas shows she has come to love in the past 5 yrs of knowing us.  We also took a ladies day to Pittsburgh to watch a Musical Christmas Carol, which we all thought was very good.  They clearly described the redemption and change that can only be found in Christ.  Becky had been in PNG so long that when we asked if she wanted to go she hesitated, thinking it would be a little something.  Thankfully, Megan and I overruled her decision and we found a Broadway like performance in Pittsburgh instead.