Thursday, December 23, 2010

Making cookies

We decided to decorate some cookies with the boys while Becky was here.  I had made the cookies earlier in the week, so after our afternoon in Pittsburgh, we got out everything to decorate cookies.  Luke enjoyed just eating the icing.  After catching him just putting the knife of icing in his mouth, Megan said he needs to put it on his fingers and not lick the knife.  He obeyed and next thing you knew, he got a whole glob of icing on his knife and then proceeded to just put it on his fingers and eat it, silly boy.  Graham on the other hand, just kept saying more, more, wanting more and more cookies to decorate.  He didn't eat any, and when his hands got iced, he wanted them washed off.  It was a fun time.

The next day, both Joe and I were sick, so Becky and Megan took the boys outside to enjoy the snow.  It has been a while since Becky has seen snow, so she enjoyed making a snow angel, snowshoeing and going sledding with the boys while Megan pulled them on the tractor.  They all had fun and we were all sad to see Becky go back to Oregon, but we know her family wanted her home for Christmas.  Thanks for visiting Becky.