Sunday, December 5, 2010

Playing in the snow

Snow isn't something I see in Papua New Guinea since I am about 6 degrees S of the equator and enjoy temperatures in the 80s year round, but we do see it in PA.  It has been about 6 yrs since I have gotten to be in the snow, so I am trying to enjoy it.  The first day we had snow here (top L), Luke wanted to go outside and build a snowman.  He didn't quite understand that there actually needs to be snow on the ground, not just some white areas to build a snowman.  That didn't stop him though from going outside and enjoying the little snow there was.  A few days later, we awoke to some more snow, and he quickly asked his mom if he could go outside, so I went with him.  We built a small snowman (bottom L), I pulled him in a sled around their front lawn and enjoyed eating some white snow.  The next day, we got a little more snow, so out we went again.  This time Graham got to come, he didn't like the idea of having to put on the snow pants, and cried every time he fell over because he couldn't get up, but did enjoy being out there despite not being able to use his hands since his gloves were too big.  After a few minutes of crying, he enjoyed being pulled in the sled.  Joe finished hunting and brought out the tractor and then we attached the sled to the tractor and pulled them around the lawn, which was fun for all.  Luke enjoyed a bowl of hot chocolate after playing outside.