Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Not recommended

So after some more light snow fall, Joe and I took Luke and Graham outside again to work off some energy and enjoy the snow.  Luke wants to go sledding, so Joe hooks up the sled and tractor again and pulls Luke around the yard.  I was playing with Graham who is trying to broom off the snow from the driveway and decide he should go too.  Graham won't go by himself and Luke doesn't do a great job holding him, so I was going to have to go with him.  So Luke, Graham and I get on the sled and Joe starts off in the tractor.  I thought we would stick to the front yard and the 1-2 inches of snow that maybe were on the ground, but Joe heads for the driveway instead.  The driveway is about 1/4 of a mile long, gravel and about 1 inch of snow.  Off we go.  Graham and Luke seemed to be enjoying themselves as we were going, but I started noticing that my bottom was feeling all the bumps.  I didn't say anything initially, but the further we went, I felt like I was feeling everyone loose piece of gravel we were going over.  Finally, I yelled to Joe to stop and told him, I couldn't ride anymore.  He said no problem, we would just switch places.  So we lifted Graham off and then I got up and as we looked to the sled to where Joe was going to sit, all we saw was a little bit of snow and the gravel, but no orange sled.  As we turned around we saw pieces of orange along the driveway.  When I checked my pants, I also found 2 tears which made me a little cold when I made a snow angel later.  So lessons learned - only sled on the driveway when there is more than an inch of snow, when your bottom seems like it is feeling every stone, stop, it probably is, and invest in a better sled.