Tuesday, April 5, 2011

B ward is open!

After almost 2 months of having B ward closed, it is now reopened.  Due to a shortage of nurses, we did not have the manpower to staff all 4 wards for all the shifts, so 2 months ago we shut down B ward (medical ward) and put peds and medicine together.  This worked, in that it allowed us to continue to care for patients who needed inpatient care, while still seeing a number of outpatients each day, but it did limit who could be admitted.  We only admitted those who really needed admitted and then only for a few days, knowing there were other sick pts out there who needed a few days of care also.  So thankfully now we have some more beds to fill. 

We still are short of nurses and have a number of new nurses who are still orienting, but together we are making it work.  Continue to pray for our nurses and for more to join us as we serve the sick and hurting of Papua New Guinea, sharing Christ's love as we heal.  Continue to pray for our leaders, giving them wisdom in decisions they make about our hospital.  Please also pray for unity among us all as we serve Christ together.