Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday

It was a busy day - sunrise service on the Radcliffe's porch.  Talking to my family on the computer for Graham's 2nd bday party.  Going to regular church here on station.  Having lunch with the McCoys, Becky, Matt, Rachel and Jordan.  Having our "evening church" on the McCoys porch with lots of folks from station.

I went to town 2 wks ago and ended up buying a ham.  Since I had never cooked a ham before, I asked Marsha if she would be willing to make the ham for Easter.  She tried to tell me that it was really easy to cook a ham, but I said, you do it and I will watch and learn for next time, she agreed.  So I had defrosted the ham and she took it in the morning to cook after sunrise service.  I went over to see what she was doing to it and I see the ham just sitting in a 9x13 pan.  I said that is it, no water, no nothing - nope.  She said it was easy, but I didn't realize it was this easy.  It tasted great and with it being that easy, I can probably cook the ham next time.

Anytime you eat at Marsha's you eat a lot of vegetables.  I have now grown to like almost all vegetables, which is quite a change from when I first came here.  However, when I make dinner, I still usually only make one, or maybe 2 vegetables, if you count a green salad.  Well I ended up eating 5 vegetables at Easter - cucumbers, a green salad, green beans, asparagus and pumpkin, hard to believe, but they were all good.  It was a very nice and relaxing day with great food, good fellowship and a great reason to be together - a Savior who rose again and has given us life.