Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One decision, one stab, one life changed forever

One decision.  A neighbor’s family member has died.  A wife wants to give them a pig as a way to show they are sorry.  The husband says no, they are already giving lots of food.  The wife does not like her husband’s decision and so she picks up a knife. 

One stab.  She comes behind her husband and stabs him in the neck.  She barely misses the large blood vessels that run alongside his neck, but she hits his spinal cord. 

One life changed forever.  He is alive, but can no longer walk.  His R leg is totally paralyzed and his left has significant weakness in it.  He will no longer be able to provide for his family and instead will depend on his family for everything – to lift him from bed, to transport him from place to place, and even to take him outside to go the bathroom.  

Unfortunately, this event isn’t an isolated one, domestic violence is a way of life here.  Almost everyday there is someone who comes to the hospital after being chopped or stabbed by a husband, wife, or 2nd wife.  Often the women are the victims, but it isn’t uncommon for the men to be the victims also.  

Pray for the Holy Spirit to change their hearts from full of anger and ready to fight, to full of love and forgiveness.