Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Great Dog Houdini - Vida

Nothing can keep her in.  She finds ways to go under fences and to jump over them.   She can chew through leashes and breaks through chains.  She even lures unsuspecting neighbors in who think she looks so cute and pathetic and want to help her when she is wrapped around a tree to take her collar off, and the she is off again. 

I have found Vida outside of Becky’s house, down by maintenance, down by the tennis courts, and last night at midnight at the ER when she followed me when I was on call.  Marsha said after the first escape that nothing will keep a dog contained that doesn’t want to be kept in, and that sure is proving true with this dog. 

Vida is a black lab mix that belongs to Matt and now Becky Preece.  The problem is, Matt hasn’t been around much as Vida has been transitioning to her new home and now he is gone for 1 month, so Vida is quite confused.  She doesn’t seem to appreciate the hours that Matt and Becky spent in making a fence, the great doghouse that Randy built or the nice gate that Mike built.  She wants to be free and run and be around people, which her fenced in yard doesn’t really allow for, so she keeps finding ways to get out and be with others.   This evening Randy and Tim were working on a dog run which hopefully will be better than the chain around the tree that she keeps getting tangled in.  We will see if this holds her as this Houdini dog seems to be able to get out of anything.  

Isn't she cute though?