Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Preece

Becky is now officially Mrs. Becky Preece as she and Matt got married on Saturday.  The past few months have been pretty hectic for Matt, Becky and many who have been involved in helping to plan and organize this wedding and their other receptions in the US, Australia, and back in PNG during the next month or so.  All the preparations paid off, as the wedding was beautiful.  The sun was out and the rain held off, the view was amazing, both families were in attendance and all of Kudjip and MAF lain were there to see them commit their lives to one another before the Lord.  It was a great day.

It was great to see Becky's mom and stepdad again and to meet Becky's sister.  Despite hearing stories of Tami for the past 7 years, I have never met her until this week.  So, I really enjoyed getting to finally meet her and to talk to her after all these years.  I agreed to let her do my hair and makeup for the wedding.  I was a little scared as to what she might do to me, but was willing to let her do whatever for Becky’s sake.  I jokingly said to the McCoys before I left on Friday, that they may not recognize me on Sat, but I will be the short one up there.  Little did I know that Tami would really transform me so that some of the Kudjip folk didn’t even recognize me initially, thanks Tami.  It was a fun weekend.  

Congratulations Matt and Becky.  Praying for you guys as you start your lives together.