Friday, January 6, 2012

Bible Quizzing

The MKs have been practicing for the national bible quiz competition next July.  Bill and Stephen Hollenberg have been working with them, coaching them and the kids have been studying Hebrews, 1 & 2 Peter.  Most quiz teams have competitions that they do throughout the year leading up to the district, regional, and national quizzes, but here in PNG, there aren’t any other quiz teams or quizzes going on.  As a result, our team is lacking some experience and practice in competition, so Bill decided to have a quiz this weekend.   We had a MKs vs young adults quiz.  

Joel and Bekah Potter are here for the Christmas holiday with their twin daughters and since they quizzed when they were in high school, it seemed like a good idea to put them on the team.  Becky and myself, rounded out the young adult team, despite having never quizzed growing up.  We found out about the quiz a month ago, so I have been doing some studying to try and make it competitive for them.  

Bekah ended up being sick, so Ethan joined our team.  I think we were all a little nervous initially, but as the quiz continued everyone settled down and got better.  The MKs, I think surprised themselves, by doing very well and winning both the quizzes.  Everyone seemed to have fun and enjoy themselves, even the fans - well maybe not all the fans, as some were sleeping.   There will be more quizzes in the next couple of months as they prepare for their real quiz coming up in July.  Great job guys, keep working at it.