Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kudjip Paia wins again

This past weekend we had the 2nd quiz to help prepare the MKs for their national bible quiz competition in July.  The MK's team, Kudjip Paia (pidgin word for fire, look up Heb 1:7) proved victorious once again, as we quizzed on Heb 1-6.  The adult team had some new faces this time with Rachel, Judy, Stephen and Bill all joining Becky and I, but it wasn't enough.  The kid's effort these last 3 wks was quite evident to all during the quiz as they were prejumping and getting most of the questions right.  Even with some of us trying to study while giving blood, the adults fell short, but gave a good effort.  With 5 months left, the kids still have a ways to go, but they are certainly getting better and we are encouraged by the growth they have shown.  Next quiz 3 wks.