Friday, February 24, 2012

Nelson and his "Merry Men"

Nelson only weighs about 1 lb and he is 1 month old.  His mom adopted him and he hasn’t gained weight with formula, so he came into the hospital so we could bulk him up some.   On admission, I had written for mom to get a supply of medicines that would hopefully help her be able to produce breastmilk so she could breastfeed Nelson instead of relying on the bottle.  When I saw him the next day, mom hadn’t gotten the medicines yet, she didn’t want to leave Nelson alone.  So after much prodding she went, but only because I picked up Nelson and said I would watch him while she was gone.  He is small, but cute. 

So Nelson and I made the rounds on the ward, visiting the other kids and talking to them.  Nelson didn’t do much talking, but he did look at the other kids and the older kids enjoyed having him come and visit.  The other moms thought it was funny that I was having Nelson meet his neighbors or the other Merry Men.  There was Gideon (with his homemade bow and arrow, slingshot and fish hook) who is Robin Hood, little John, Maid Mirriam “aka Serah” and many more. 

I have enjoyed my time on A ward, playing with the kids and interacting with them.  It is great to see the worry leave mom’s face when she knows her baby is going to be ok.  Thankfully, most kids heal up pretty quick and so go home after only a short stay with us.