Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lots of volunteers

We have been blessed to have a number of volunteers visit us recently and help out.  The Elerdings came back for their 3rd time, helping Jim with surgery and their son Joey, helped out with maintenance while he was here.  The Pringles are back for their 2nd time, being great hosts to us all in the Barnabas house and providing OB coverage.  We have had 2 medical students – Josh and Andy and their wives, a FP resident from Image – Jennifer, and an IM doc and his wife, the Crawfords, from California.  Volunteers are a blessing in many ways to us, helping provide coverage when we are short of folks, bringing a specialty with them which allows us to care for a wider range of folks, the bring stuff to us from the US, they give us an opportunity to teach, and become great friends in the years to come.  Thanks to all who have served with us and who will be serving with us soon, you are a blessing to each of us.