Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Family Camp Pittsburgh District

While I am home, my job is to share what God is doing in PNG with supporters and churches around the US.  Over these 4 months that I am home, I will have visited parts of Oregon, California, New Mexico, Montana, Wyoming Texas, and Pennsylvania.  I have spoken at many churches, but also had the opportunity to be the missionary in residency at the Family Camp for the Church of the Nazarene Pittsburgh District.

I wasn't really sure what a Family Camp was, but I have learned.  It is about relationships, new and old and growing together in the Lord.  Family Camp is a great experience for families, from all over Western PA, to come together and spend a week developing relationships with other believers as they are developing their own relationships with the Lord.  There is a bible study, craft time, services, children's chapel, teen services, mission trips, golf outings, softball games, corn roasts, bonfires with smores and more.  

Each morning I got to share each morning with the 70+ teens during part of their service time and I attempted to give them a glimpse of PNG and of what it looks like to Follow Christ, as I challenged them to pray about what Following Christ looks like for them.  I also shared with the 60+ kids during their evening services, giving them glimpses of PNG and helping them understand a little of what missions is about. The Big Blast Ministry team did a great job with the kids sharing Bible truths through stories, balloons, illusions and more. There balloon sculptures were pretty amazing.

When I wasn't talking, I was suppose to be "mingling" with others.  Mingling isn't my forte, but God ordained numerous meetings with families, pastors, teens and more over meals which I enjoyed.  Part of mingling also took me to ride on Go Karts with the teens and play basketball and frisbee, which I can't complain about.  It was a good week.