Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter weekend in Madang - Part 1

I had the opportunity to go to Madang this past weekend with Pamela West (volunteer Xray tech who I have gone to Madang with each of my previous visits) and the McCoys - Bill, Marsha and Josh.  We flew there and drove back, which was a great way to see the country of PNG.

Madang is on the coast of PNG and is a great place to go snorkeling, so we packed in as much snorkeling as we could in our 3 + days there.  We went to Pig Island, Hole in the Wall, and then kayaked to various spots around Jais Aben.  When we weren’t in the water we were enjoying the local restaurants, the birds and had game and movie nights and our own sunrise Easter service.  
A kayaking accident resulted in me dislocating my shoulder, but thankfully we were close to shore and Bill quickly put it back in.  Josh used his EMT skills to create a sling to immobilize my shoulder, which allowed me to keep snorkeling with one arm.  Despite the injury, it was really a great trip which I hated to see end.