Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter weekend in Madang - Part 2

While we were out enjoying the ocean and snorkeling, we had the opportunity to spend some time with the local kids who were fishing.  Just after I dislocated my shoulder, a group of 6 kids about ages 7 and under, showed up on the beach we were at.  The kids were very cute and interested in all of us, touching our white skin trying on our snorkels and just playing with us.  They were genuinely concerned about my shoulder and lifted me up and floated me around the water because I couldn’t swim.  They were cute.  They allowed us to try their boats, but we were too heavy and sunk them.  The kid that got in the boat with me couldn't swim, so as the boat started sinking he jumped off and his older sister jumped in to save him.  

When we were at hole in the wall, a group of kids who live there were out in the water around us spear fishing.  They showed us how it was done and we got to see them catching their dinner, with Josh getting lots of video of them.