Saturday, June 29, 2013

Beach Time

Joe helping Graham
Building a sandcastle
Madison in little pool
I went to Ocean City, NJ with Megan, Joe and their kids while I was home.  The kids enjoyed playing in the sand, building sand castles and playing with their army guys.  Luke and Graham tried boogey boarding and the enjoyed just jumping in the water.  They also bought hermit crabs for new pets.  Eli was happy about his Brobie backpack and enjoyed melonwater.  Madison often napped at the beach, but when awake, had fun in her little pool and crawling all through the sand.

Our aunts, uncle and cousins also joined us at the beach, so we had extra hands to help with the kids and play with.  It was great to see my family and spend time with them.

Joe and the boys
Beach treasures

Family pic at beach

Nash kids in flip flops

James, Pirate Graham and I

Eli and U Dave

Luke boogeyboarding
The Nash Family
Madison and I

Joe, Megan and Madison