Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Gina's Birthday

Gina has been volunteering as the high school teacher this semester.  She is interested in going to PA school, so she has also taken the opportunity to get in the hospital and observe what we do here.  For the past month, Gina and I have spent a lot of time watching the TV show 24.  Neither of us had seen it before, but we are now up to Season 4.  I don't think we will finish before she leaves, but it has been fun to watch it with her.

This past Thurs, we celebrated her birthday by having a ladies day out for lunch at the Kofi Kave in Hagen.  We all enjoyed the chance to get away and the great food that they serve.  We also celebrated Miles's 5th month birthday too, isn't he cute.  Gina and I finished up the afternoon by watching 3 episodes of 24 before her dinner at the Radcliffes.  We have sure enjoyed having Gina be a part of us and will miss her when she goes.