Thursday, August 15, 2013

We will miss you Becky

Becky Morsch has served in Papua New Guinea for over 10 years as a missionary.  She went to medical school and did her residency in preventative medicine which is why she went into medicine.  Her heart and calling have been in community based health care (CBHC), and she has given herself to this work since she came here.   For the past 10 years, she has worked to train up community based health workers in villages in PNG and other surrounding countries.  She, and her staff, have traveled to these villages training village health workers in basic preventative measures that they can then teach in their villages - in areas such as childbirth, hygiene, waste disposal and more.  She is leaving PNG, but isn't leaving her passion of preventative medicine.  She has accepted a position with Nazarene Compassionate Ministries and will be an advisor to the numerous medical projects that NCM is involved in, most of which deal with preventative medicine.

We are sure going to miss Becky here at Kudjip and all the laughs  she has provided.  On her return from her trips out to the villages, she would always have a story to share about something that happened which would bring her listeners to tears as they laughed so much.  My favorite, is her story about the outhouse that she fell through in the Sepik.  
I also enjoyed the trips I got to go on with Becky.  I joined her family in a trip to New Zealand one year as we toured the South Island.  I also got to go to Thailand with her two times to the CMDE conference.  I was sure thankful for those times we had together and the opportunities to get to know her better during those trips. 

Becky - Thank you for serving in PNG these past 10 years, thanks for bringing life and laughs to many in PNG, thank you for giving your life to God and being an example to all of us.  We will miss you.