Friday, September 6, 2013


Wapi comes on station a few times a week to sell asparagus and other vegetables to the missionaries.  I don't know how long he has been doing this, but at least for the past 6 yrs that I have been here.  He grows asparagus in his garden and sells it to us and to the market in Hagen.  When he sells at Hagen, he then buys other vegetables and brings them on station to see if anyone wants to buy any, often having broccoli or cauliflower.  A bundle of asparagus is 3 Kina (about $1.25).  I only started buying it within the last year.  I wasn't a big vegetable eater before coming here, but now will eat most any vegetable with zucchini being one of my new favorites.
Wapi told me today that he thinks he is 85 years old.  He said he remembers when WWII ended here in PNG and that after that he went to 1st grade in 1944.  There aren't many 80 yrs old in PNG, Wapi has to be one of the oldest around here.  He said he knows God is looking after him and has kept him here this long.