Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quizzing Retreat

Ethan celebrating his 16th bday
Allie n Emma
Quizzers with Uncle Bill
Zach concentrating
Emma studying
Singing Rod of Wonders
Lydia practicing her guitar
This weekend I traveled with our quiz team and the McCoys to Kugark, an EBC mission station, for a quiz retreat.   We spent Saturday and part of Sunday reviewing Romans and James in preparation for the national quiz in July.
Caleb crossing the water on our hike

Jumping practice
The kids worked hard on the quizzing and we all enjoyed the playtime and hike in between the studying.  The kids kept us entertained with their songs,  random thoughts and conversations.  We enjoyed many good meals and got to celebrate Ethan's 16th birthday with him.  It was a good weekend.
Zach and Lydia during play time
Boys singing "Barbed wire"
A break on our walk


Quiz team