Sunday, February 9, 2014

Why patients come

Her 14 yo son was sick, he had a cough and difficulty breathing.  She took him to the nearest hospital where they diagnosed him with TB and put him on medicines.  When he didn't get better, they sent him to another hospital.  After sitting at the 2nd hospital for a week without anything happening, mom decided it was time to get him some more help.  She had heard that our hospital believed in Jesus and wanted her son cared for by doctors with Jesus on their side.  So she left the hospital that was close to her home and traveled to Kudjip.  Getting to Kudjip wasn't easy.  They traveled via a PMV (public motor vehicle) from the Southern Highlands to our Jiwaka Province.  This costs about 40 Kina, which is a lot of money for folks in PNG.  To give you some perspective, it costs 4K to travel from Kudjip to Mt. Hagen (about 45 minutes away), where I go shopping. 

When Alfred came to us, it was obvious that he was short of breath.  A chest xray showed that his heart was very large and that there was fluid in his lung.  An ultrasound, showed a very large amount of fluid around his heart.  We were able to drain off 2 liters of fluid from the lining around his heart, making his shortness of breath significantly better and his smile more prevalent.  We continue to pray that his shortness of breath improves and the fluid around his heart doesn't reaccumulate, so he is able to go home soon. 

There are a lot of things happening here at Kudjip - the new Operating Room is being built, our Hydroelectric Dam continues to progress, we have a new doctor and his family who are joining us for 2 years, volunteers who are here to help us, a revival in the village right behind us and more.  Despite all that is going on, the most important thing is that people keep hearing and seeing Christ in and through us each and every day.  This mom's words of I heard you guys believed in Jesus and so I needed to bring my son here - these are the words that I pray others are saying too.  I pray that the work of this hospital would continue to extend beyond our catchment area, and that others would come to learn more about Jesus too.   Thanks for all your support that make sharing about Jesus here at Kudjip possible.