Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kudjip Swim Team

The hydro has been up and running for a number of months and what a blessing it has been to have working electricity, all day and night.  Earl Hartwig and his guys have done a great job building it and getting it working - thanks so much.

One of the added benefits of the hydro is the reservoir that we now have.  This has turned into a water park for many folks here.  On the weekends, hundreds of kids and adults can be seen enjoying the water, floating on inner tubes, jumping in, swimming, sliding down the dam and more.  Not everyone uses it as a waterpark, but they still use the water, as women come to do their laundry and to wash kaukau.

I have always wanted a place to go swimming here.  The weather is great, usually in the 80s most everyday of the year, so to have a place to go swimming would be perfect, or so I have thought.  Now with the reservoir, that place to swim, is here.  The reservoir is about 100 meters long, and in most places it is about 8-9 feet deep.  There are some sand bar areas that allow kids to stand in the middle of the reservoir, as well.

Shortly after the reservoir was formed, I started asking if anyone wanted to go swimming.  Tim was interested, so we would go swimming 2-3 times a week, working up to swimming a mile.  Karla and Staci would join us when they could.  Now the Deuels are gone, so Staci and I have been going.  Swimming laps and enjoying the chance to exercise without hurting my knees, which running does, has been great.  The water is about 68 degrees, so it can be quite chilly when you are in it for a while, so wetsuits have been purchased.  Some in town at 2nd hand stores for $3, and others brought back from the US.  We have recruited some other swimmers with the McCoys looking forward to it when they get back and Cathy Hartwig too.

I had no idea the hydro project was going to give us the added blessing of a place to go swimming regularly.  What a gift.