Saturday, October 25, 2014

East Ohio Tour

I just finished my East Ohio District Tour.  I spoke at a number of churches sharing about the work God is doing in Papua New Guinea.  I also got to meet some old friends and make new friends.  It was like a little Kudjip family reunion getting to see and stay with Steph and Andy, having meals with Jessica Myers and her grandparents, and spending a day with most of the Radcliffe kids.

It was great to talk to Ben and Katherine Radcliffe as they prepare to move their family to PNG hopefully in January.  They are awaiting their medical licenses, work permits and visas to come through - so pray for them.  Cilla is also coming back in January to help teach at our MK high school.

I also got to meet the new East Ohio District's NMI President Barb Bechtold, who has a great love of missions and joy for the Lord.  She also is really interested in Leprosy.

I had a hard time driving, as I just kept looking at all the colors of fall that I have missed for the past 4 years.  God's creation is amazing.