Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fishing in Yellowstone

Other than see wildlife, one of my favorite things that I did in Yellowstone was fish a couple of days.  Josh, like his dad, enjoys fishing.  I actually went fishing for the first time as an adult with Bill and Josh in PNG when Josh was visiting.  Since then I have fished a few other times in PNG, without much success, but earlier this home assignment went to CA and fished with Bill on the Feather River and had great success.  Josh was hoping we could outdo what I did in CA so we went fishing a few days in Yellowstone.  We fished in Slough Creek with Daly the first night there.  We didn't catch many big ones, but we had fun doing it and saw bison and beavers along the way.  Then I went fishing with Josh at Lake Yellowstone, Lewis Falls and in Lewis Run Canyon.  Lewis Run Canyon was beautiful once we got in it as we slid down the side of the canyon to get to the water.  We hiked/fished for a number of hours, just going further up and further in finding more and more beauty in waterfalls and places to fish.  The water temp was great and the water wasn't too high, so we were easily (for the most part) just able to walk right up the river and fish.  Unfortunately, my camera's card filled up so we weren't able to catch the beauty of the canyon like I wanted to, but we still got some pics.  I didn't catch anything comparable to the 16 incher in the feather, but it was still a lot of fun.  Thanks Josh.