Sunday, February 8, 2015

Back home at Kudjip

I got back this past Wednesday and have been enjoying reconnecting with my fellow missionaries and my PNG friends that I work with here at Kudjip.  I went to town shopping on Thursday and started work on Friday.  I have been enjoying the hospitality of my fellow missionaries and haven't really had to cook much, but that soon will change tomorrow.  I have had some chances to reconnect with a few of the little MKs here, it is amazing how much they change in just 4 months.

It is also amazing how many things on station have changed in the 4 months.  The reservoir has almost completely been filled in with silt and rocks from upstream, making swimming very difficult.  An excavator has come in to try and help us remove some of that and clean out the reservoir.  There is a lodge being built right across from my house.  Currently, they have part of the first story block up, but it will be a two story building.  They have made a very nice garden down below that the lodge guests should enjoy.

Unfortunately, my camera didn't seem to make the journey with me and got lost somewhere in transit, so I don't have a lot of pics to share, but will share some.