Monday, November 30, 2015

Shower for Graham

Graham William Thompson was born on August 13, 2015 in the USA to Rachel and Jordan.  His missionary aunts carried on the Kudjip tradition and threw a shower for him  after he was born and took the time to pray for him.  At 3 months old, Graham was very happy and excited for the shower.  He loved all of his presents, especially his diapers and the hat that Cilla made for him.  His aunts enjoyed praying for him and holding him, and learned that they don't know too many nursery rhymes or songs with baby in the title.  Thankfully, he doesn't care about that at this stage of his life and loves us anyway.  Rachel's miracle baby, as she had emergency surgery when he was only starting to form inside of her, is sure a joy and a blessing, and so cute.  Your missionary aunts will keep praying for you, as we do for your brother and our other missionary kids here.