Monday, September 21, 2009

Newest Riggins boy

This am Jill and Scot had their 3rd son. He weighed the same as Aden and Wiley at 7lb 6oz, and he also looks like his brothers. He currently doesn't have a name, despite everyone giving their ideas. The other day I asked Aden if they had a name yet. He told me. "I want to call the baby Eli, but Mommy and Daddy want to call him Clifford. But Clifford is the Big Red Dog, but maybe if he is named Clifford, he will grow to be really big." He sounded pretty convincing, but when I asked Jill later, she just laughed. It isn't in the name running, but it is a cute story. Pray for the Riggins as they adjust to being a family of 5, and for Aden and Wiley as they adjust to having a little brother.
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