Friday, January 29, 2016

When containers come

When containers come, we get boxes of medicines and medical supplies.  We are often waiting anxiously for the containers to arrive, being in need of one thing or another which the containers are storing.  Our current need was for gauze and gloves, which we got, but we always look forward to the medicines which we get as well.

We get most of our medicines from the government of PNG, through Area Medical Stores.  AMS definitely keeps us going, but the medicines we get in the containers supplement this.  The medicines help to fill the holes and gaps that we often encounter through AMS.  We have had a large supply of medicines for heartburn, blood pressure and pain meds because of the containers.  Without the meds in the containers we would struggle to treat all who come.

Each time a container comes, one of the challenges is to find room for all the new boxes.  This time we got 2 containers within a week, which is great, but certainly has strained our storage capacity.  Judy has a full storeroom and 4 containers full of boxes that she needs to unload.  Sr. Alfreda, who has been overseeing our pharmacy for years, and has kept the boxes of medicines organized up in the old hospital.  Today, when we went to put in the new meds, we didn't have any room.  So a group of us set out to organize and consolidate the current medicine boxes.  We had lots of help and soon.