Sunday, February 14, 2016

Lots of rain

We have gotten a lot of rain recently, in the first 11 days of February we were up to 9 inches of rain, which is quite the contrast to 6 months ago when we were getting little to no rain.  We are definitely thankful for the rain, as the gardens are growing, the grass is green and the tanks are full.  However, too much rain can also be a problem.  With all the rain recently, the river has turned into something that looks more like chocolate milk.  The reservoir has been so full, water has just been rushing over the dam.  Trees have washed up and over the dam, some going further downstream and some staying on the dam itself.  The gates which help to filter out debris have been so full, that there have been times when we can't run the hydro plant because the water can't get down the canal and the workers employed to clean them can't keep up.  As much as I like to swim, this is certainly not a time to go swimming, too much debris and too little reservoir to swim in, with the debris filling up most of it.  

I don't fully remember what took out our old dam, but I would guess it had to be something similar to what we have been experiencing recently.  Definitely thankful for the new dam and the work we did recently to fight against the erosion that was happening.  There were even workers out there, during the rain, adding more cement to some areas to help prevent the erosion.  

If you are still praying for rain for us here in the Highlands, it would be okay to stop praying.