Thursday, February 11, 2016


We couldn't do what we do here at Kudjip without volunteers to come and help us and fill in the gaps.  Each year as doctors go home for their Home Assignments or take time away on vacation, volunteers help us keep serving the people of PNG.

This January, we had a surplus of volunteers, which was an extra blessing.  Scot Pringle came back for his 7th time as an OB/Gyn.  Bob, Carol and Hannah Howard returned to PNG after serving here years ago for 5 years, everyone enjoyed having them back again and their Pidgin came back to them quickly and they jumped right in.  Craig Holland has been here since Dec and has quickly picked up missionary medicine and has jumped in and been a great assistance to us.  Alex Mel is friends with Imelda and is here to help out Jim and to gain some surgical experience, which has been great for Jim in Ben's absence.  Lastly Candice and Burton Wang, joined us as residents from Waco, Texas and learned a lot and were fun to have for the month.

It is always a blessing to have volunteers and we look forward to meeting new folks and to having volunteers come back.  With a number of Home Assignments from April-Oct this year, and again next year April-July, we are in need of more volunteers to help.  If you have any interest, please email us at, to get more information.