Friday, May 25, 2018


The Grove City Christian Academy in Grove City, PA raised money this year to help our hospital.  My nephews attend the school and I have spoken to their chapel and in many classrooms when I was home.  Each year they have a missions week where they try and raise money for different Mission Projects.  After speaking there last year, the school approached me and asked if they could help our hospital - of course.  

When they asked what the money could be used for, I shared with them that there are times when we don’t have enough oxygen, and so babies and kids that need oxygen, can’t get the help they need.  Through the years, we have had many oxygen concentrators purchased or donated, but overtime, they quit working and then we don't always have a way to fix or replace them.  So the school set out to help us get more oxygen concentrators.  In their mission week at school, the kids at the school raised over $1600 for oxygen concentrators – which will enable us to purchase 4 new oxygen concentrators.

Our first one arrived recently, and we set it up and are so thankful for how well it works.  The moms and babies appreciate it because it isn’t so loud, and the staff have found them easy to us.

THANK YOU GROVE CITY CHRISTIAN ACADEMY, for being willing to help give of yourselves and your piggy banks to help some kids in Papua New Guinea get well, we all appreciate it.