Thursday, June 5, 2008

Field Day with CLTC students

Today we had a field day with our MK elementary students and students from the CLTC, Christian Leaders Training College. We had 32 kids in grades 1-6 who competed in individual events and team relays. Individually, they competed in the dash, sack race, frisbee throw, broad jump, and big ball throw. The relays consisted of a dizzy bat relay, clothes relay (we used scrubs), and wheelbarrow races. We had them partner up and did an egg toss and water balloon toss also. For lunch, we enjoyed hotdogs, fruit, and smores. After lunch, we played elbow tag and kickball. We finished the day with a sword drill, see which kid could find the bible verse the fastest. All the kids seemed to have a great day, and shared lots of laughs. I was thankful for all my helpers - high school students, work and witness kids, teachers, and parents. While we were waiting for the CLTC students to show up we enjoyed playing Tug of War; Bear, Mosquito, Fish; wheelbarrow races, and partner sack races.