Thursday, September 11, 2008

New Hospital Construction

Since I got here, we have been working on building a new hospital. It has been almost a year, and we are getting a lot closer to being done, but still are some months away. Mike Chapman is a missionary who is here to oversea the building of the hospital and other buildings here on station. He has been very instrumental in getting the project as far as it is, and has worked closely with the construction crew to build relationships and encourage them in their work. Shortly after Mike got her (in Dec), they started having daily devotions each am before work, and a number of the guys are now Christians, Praise God. When the hospital is completed, it will be quite a bit bigger than our current hospital, with at least 10 extra beds on each ward, and the addition of more delivery bays, and ER space. At times, we have to close the hospital to longwe patients, when we have patients sleeping on the floor, but when this is completed, that likely won't be a problem. We still have to build a new sewer system before we can open the new hospital and have been praying about funding for it. We recently heard reports that we got funding, and are just waiting to see if it actually comes through. Keep praying for the completion of this project.