Saturday, October 25, 2008

Building a new Pharmacy

Everyday we give out lots of medicines to patients who come to the hospital. The doctors, together, see an average of 70-80 patients a day in outpatient. Some patients with acute conditions may get meds for 7 days while others with chronic conditions may get meds for 1 month. In all, we probably give out at least 3-5000 pills/tablets/capsules a day to patients in outpatient as well as giving patients on the wards their daily medicines. The majority of medicines are given to us by the government, some are donated from the US, and others we have to purchase. Thankfully, the assortment of medicines that we have allows us to treat most things that we come across. We definitely run out of things, but often we can find an alternative in what we have that we can use.
As we finish building this new hospital, we also need to build a new pharmacy to allow us to continue to serve our patients in a building that is close to the new wards and outpatient area. Our current pharmacy is divided into 2 areas. One is a store room, and the other is the main work area for the 6 pharmacy workers who faithfully fill our prescriptions and count out pills each day. The current pharmacy is often overflowing with meds, especially after a container comes, so the new one is going to be bigger. Our plan is to combine the 2 pharmacies into one and have our storage and work area altogether.
In order to complete this new pharmacy, we need some help from our followers and supporters. We currently have raised 100,000 Kina, but need about 140,000 Kina more (that is about $56,000), to finish this project. If anyone would like to contribute, great or small, please do. Make checks out to "Global Treasurer." Designate "Work of Nazarene Hospital, PNG, New Pharmacy." Send to Church of the Nazarene 17001 Prairie Star Parkway Lenexa, KS 66220. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me at Thank you for your support.