Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dinner at the McCoys

The McCoys invited Becky Morsch, all the volunteers who are here, and myself to dinner last night. Marsha is a great cook, so no matter what she makes it is good and much better than anything I put together. I am especially fond of her chicken enchiladas, which happened to be on the menu last night, so I was quite excited.
We had our choir practice yesterday afternoon at 4pm (see next blog for why), and then dinner was at 630pm. I volunteered to help if Marsha needed me to do anything for dinner, since I live next door this is quite easy to do. Initially she said no, but shortly after we got back from choir practice I was called to help out. When one has 10 people at dinner, there is a lot to do, so with the 3 (Marsha, Bill, and I) of us working, 2 stoves, and 2 microwaves, we almost got everything done at 630. Thankfully, she had done a lot beforehand, so we were just doing the finishing up. In the process of getting things ready, the McCoys tried to give me a singing lesson for our choir performance today, but I wasn't much of an eager learner. However, I did learn how to make guacamole.
We had a great dinner of chicken enchiladas, tacos, fajitas, corn, spanish rice, and apple crisp. We enjoyed getting to know the new volunteers who are here with us, Salim and Shameen Wahab, Carl and Keith Birchard, Charles Bruard, and Dave Scott. After having dinner for 10 people, there was a lot to clean up, so Becky and I helped out. Being single, we (Becky and I) came up with many reasons why we don't have 10 people over for dinner at our houses - we don't have that many dishes, we don't know how to cook for that many people, and we don't have the room for that many people around the table. So although I likely won't have that many people over at my place for dinner, I am more than willing to help out any time in the future if you want to invite me over again (hint Marsha).