Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday

Today my sister and I turn 30, Happy Birthday Megan. I realized this evening that this is the only time I am older than her, at least for a few hours as the 30th comes to PNG sooner than in the US. I had a nice day, especially since it was my half day off. This afternoon I mowed the lawn and worked in the garden before playing tennis with Bill. This evening I had dinner with the McCoys and Becky and got to enjoy Marsha's very delicious chicken enchiladas. Part of the condition of Becky's invite was she could only eat 1 enchilada so I would have more leftovers, she ate 2, but we let her stay anyway. After dinner, we resumed our Mah Jong playing which we had started last Nov when Becky was here. Becky and I were a bit rusty, but we enjoyed lots of laughs as we played. The McCoys sang the traditional Kudjip 5 song birthday melody, minus one song because they forgot where it went, as we had cake - it was very nice day. Hope your birthday is good too Megan. Miss ya and Love ya.