Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Luke's quilt

7 1/2 hours on Saturday was what was needed for Gail and I to finish my nephew's quilt. I had worked on the quilt while Gail was in Goroka so I had the inside done, but needed to put on the border and then finish it up. Thankfully, it worked out better than I expected. I was thinking I was going to need to put on numerous borders, but we were able to get by with the fleece and some corner squares of one of the other patterns.
Once we got the borders on, it was then time to put the layers together. We went with tying instead of doing a quilting pattern due to a recent bad outcome Gail had with trying to quilt. This worked out fine, and then we just had to sew up the binding, so we watched a movie and finished up the quilt.
Once again I was thankful for Gail's help in this whole process. Without her help, I would still be working on it. We probably could have done it in 2 days if we worked 2 long days, but instead it took 3 days of work, not bad. I will probably be making one more quilt for my new niece/nephew to come in May. So stay tuned for more quilting from PNG.