Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Grandpa McCoy

Bill's dad, Al McCoy, has come to Kudjip for a visit. He was here about 11 years ago with his wife, who just passed away about 16 months earlier, and now is back for about 3 weeks. It has been fun to get to know him and now I see how much Bill is like his dad, which is a good thing. Grandpa McCoy was a teacher, but also was very involved in the tree cutting business. He still works for his son in the family business, McCoy's Tree Service. I have heard some great stories from his tree climbing days, including one where he had a "death grip" on a small rope which he successfully held onto as he fell about 50 feet or more. Another he was climbing a tree to make a cut and started to fall headfirst about 25 feet before his safety rope finally caught him and righted him upright. Of course, he just started climbing again to finish the job, and told the guy below to hold him tight. From the beginning, he has been a very big supporter of the new hospital in many ways, and now gets to be a part of making it happen. He is 81 and scheduled for hip replacement in Feb, but you would never know it by the work that he does. Everyday he has joined Bill on the new hospital site shoveling dirt, washing walls, watering flowers, planting flowers, cutting trees (he loves the chainsaw), and doing whatever is needed. The guys on the site have been quite impressed with him and the amount of work that he does, and even work harder because he is. Still competitive as ever, he was happy to get a load of dirt into the wheelbarrow before me yesterday. Of course, I had to beat him next time. I've enjoyed working and laughing with him this past week on the site, and look forward to continuing to do the same over these next 2 wks.