Thursday, January 29, 2009

Last minute effort

Less than 24 hours to the hospital dedication = crunch time. The landscape work has been completed (for now), so today was a day of cleanup. A bunch of the missionary family came out this afternoon to make the new hospital look good for tomorrow. We were mopping, cleaning, and sweeping everything we could. At one point, we walked into maternity to find the floor guys sleeping. Once they awoke, they assured us we could come in when they were done - tomorrow - and do what we needed to do, but we said we didn't have tomorrow. They quickly got to work, which is what we needed. We were making great progress, getting through all of the wards, and then the rain came. It poured pretty good for about an hour. We were inside, so we kept working, but the rain sure tested our drainage system.
We found some areas that needed some extra access for drainage, so Bill, Israel (Chaplain Moses's son) and I, set to work to try and make sure everything was draining. We found some areas where water was pooling into wards, or just on the project, so we tried dug in the mud to get drainage paths for the water as best we could. We were doing pretty well, up until one place where the water was pretty deep (as you can see in the photo).
Bill, has done and will do, about anything to make sure things are in good shape for tomorrow, and this proves it. Under his servant leadership and example, the team (missionaries, wolunteers, hospital staff, Heduru, and local guys) has the hospital looking pretty nice. 2 weeks ago the place was a mess and you wouldn't want anyone to see it. Now, the walls are washed and freshly painted, the floors are mopped and clean and the landscaping looks good. We made a good effort to get it as ready as we can be. The hospital still isn't finished, but it is sure presentable. As long as the rain tonight doesn't ruin our work, we will be in good shape tomorrow for the dedication.