Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I think the last time I was fishing was with my grandma when I was like 6 or 7. I don't remember much about it, and don't know that I ever caught a fish. Today (21st) Bill asked if I wanted to join him and Josh and go fishing. I admitted right up front that I had no idea how to fish and that they were going to have to teach me how to fish, but they said they would. So we went.
Due to the rain, we didn't leave til like 2, but it didn't stop us. As we started out Bill tells me to go faster, run even. I didn't know why we needed to run, or how fast to run, so I told them to set the pace and I would keep up. So we started jogging, and kept jogging. I was wondering if we were running a race or going fishing. I know the McCoys are competitive, but didn't see how running and fishing went together, so finally I had to ask why we were running. They said so we could get to the river sooner, we had a lot of ground to cover - oh, okay keep running.
We got along the river and kept going on a trail through the forest and many villages. Everytime we would pass folks they would talk to us and ask what we were doing. At one village everyone was outside and we found that we ended up with about 10 kids following and hiking with us. Many stayed with us throughout our journey. They guided us across logs over the river, gave us a hand to get up the slippery slopes and through the raging water, and wanted to get in every picture.
We managed to find a few nice fishing holes and Bill and Josh were patient in trying to teach me how to cast. I did get it in the water a few times, but also got it on top of rocks and only threw it about a foot in front of me one time. We didn't catch any fish, but did see one in the water. The rain started coming pretty hard so we turned back and headed for home, fishless.
It is rainy season here in PNG, so the path we were on was quite muddy. On the way to the river, I was trying to avoid getting my shoes all wet and muddy. I would jump from rock to rock, or try and find a less muddy path to walk on - not sure what I was thinking. I had no idea that as we got up to the river, not only would my shoes be wet and muddy, but I would be wading in the water to cross it, or to get to the good fishing holes. I soon found myself in water almost up to my waist as we crossed the river. On the way home, the rain made the river a little more difficult to cross as the current was quite strong. We held hands and formed a human chain to cross together, but that didn't prevent Bill and I from going down at one point. We decided that we should have gone tubing and not fishing, but it was a little late for that.
The little mud paths that we followed on the way to the river became small streams that we walked through on our way home. I had brought a rain coat, but Bill and Josh didn't, and were getting quite wet and cold. At one village we came to, some folks were huddled under a little roof. Josh borrowed a bush knife and chopped down some banana leaves for him and his dad. It helped some, but they were still wet and cold, looking forward to the hot shower back at Kudjip.
We had a fun time. I am hoping next time it won't be raining as bad so I can get better at fishing and catch something.