Thursday, February 26, 2009


Aden turned 3 while I was in Thailand with the McCoys and Radcliffes, and Marsha turned 4 (per Aden) on Monday. Monday night, the Riggins had the Radcliffes, McCoys and myself over for dessert - cake and ice cream. Birthdays at Kudjip are always a good time. The Dooleys have this birthday hat which seems to find itself at the house of the birthday person, it is even adjustable so it fits small and large heads. Marsha got to wear it on Monday. Then there is the traditional Kudjip station birthday song. It is 5 songs put together that just keeps going, especially when you are 3 and all you want to do is blow out the candles and eat the cake. Aden was very patient.
Aden is 3 and Wiley, who is almost 1 and a half, wants everything that Aden got. Earlier in the day I gave Aden my present - a helicopter. Aden opened it and was flying it around and Wiley was following him with his hands up wanting to play with it, saying copter. We tried to divert his attention, but he was intent on getting the copter. At dessert, Aden opened up his presents from the McCoys and Radcliffes and Wiley wanted them too. Aden did share and allowed Wiley to play with the ball and with Gordon. We all played a game of hot potatoe with the phlat ball Aden got, Joe prevailed despite Marsha putting up a great fight.