Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Myers Return

Jeff, Susan, Jessica and Ethan have been away on home assignment for 7 months, but on Sunday they returned to Kudjip. They enjoyed their time away, but were glad to get back. While gone they toured Kruger National Park in South Africa, visited Hawaii and many other places in the US. Jessica enjoyed playing 8th grade basketball and Ethan enjoyed - well he doesn't really know. I enjoyed having them back in PE this week. We now have 11 kids in PE - 12 counting me.
When folks come back from Home Assignment or are leaving for Home Assignment the rest of us here on station host them in our homes for dinner. It is quite challenging, or seems so, to have me cook for a family of 4, so I don't usually sign up for these things. Tonight Steph, Becky, and I collectively got together to make a Mexican meal. It was quite nice. We had to eat at Steph's because she has the biggest table. We enjoyed seeing pictures and hearing about their trip home. It is good to have them back.