Monday, March 9, 2009

Konduk Church

This Sunday I went with the volunteers and Steph up to Konduk for church. Konduk is about a 30 minute walk from station up a really big hill. The hill is quite slippery after it rains which makes the trek interesting. The view from above is amazing though, so it is sure worth it. Pastor David is the pastor, but a lay preacher, Robert shared with us about being touched by Jesus. Robert was very animated and passionate as he spoke, which was exciting to see. He encouraged everyone that it isn't enough to just go to church because someone has invited you, you need to go and be touched by Jesus, be changed by Jesus, want to go because of Jesus. He talked about Bartimeus in Luke who cried out to Jesus, and was healed because of his faith.
At the end of the service, one of the guys from the church brought us some passion fruit from the trees which grow nearby. We got out our cameras to take some pictures of the people and everyone gathered around to be in the picture. We had one of the guys take a picture of everyone, and it was funny to watch him and those around him trying to figure out the camera. They enjoyed it.