Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Students

This week 2 new medical students joined us, Ben and Katherine Radcliffe. They aren't really new to the station, as they are family. Ben is the oldest child of Jim and Kathy, and Katherine is Ben's wife. I gave them their tour of the hospital when they first got here, and it wasn't really a tour. It was really time for Ben to hug everyone he hasn't seen in a number of years and for him to introduce Katherine to them.
I also got to spend some time with them their first day in the clinic showing them how things work around here. Ben was able to follow along in the conversations I was having with the patients and then was translating back to Katherine. I was quite impressed with his ability to recall Pidgin after being gone for almost 8 full years. Katherine has continued to work with me on medical ward, while Ben is working with his dad on the surgery side of things for now. Ben is going to follow in his father's footsteps and do a general surgery residency and train at Riverside, where his dad trained. Katherine will be doing a family practice residency at Grant in Columbus, OH. They received the Ernie Steury Scholarship in medical school, which is given by the Christian Medical and Dental Association to students interested in long term missions. They will be here for 7 wks and hopefully their experiences here prove to be the beginning of what they will be doing the rest of their lives.