Friday, April 10, 2009

Bepi and Tuman

Bepi came to us after having delivered a baby at home. Per her wasman, she started having seizures at midnight the night before she delivered and delivered her 6th child that am at 10 while still seizing. She was brought to us in the midafternoon when her seizures hadn't stopped. While in the ER she had 2 seizures before we got them temporarily stopped with medications. I presumed she had eclampsia, a sometimes deadly complication of preeclampsia that occurs during pregnancy, and started treated her as such. However, her vitals signs and labs, didn't go along with eclampsia, and made me alter my course of treatment. The next day she was still having seizures, but thankfully that was the end of them, as we adjusted her medicines again. She remained somewhat comatose for 2-3 days after her last seizure. I was concerned that I was still missing something, thinking she should have woken up by now, so I got Bill's opinion. Thankfully, I didn't need the extra help. That am when I went and rounded on her, I found her awake and talking. She wasn't fully recovered, but this was a huge improvement.
Over the next week she has continued to recover to the point of being discharged. She doesn't remember that she was pregnant or had a baby, but is walking and talking. Thankfully, her baby has been cared for by a relative and is doing well at home. While in the hospital, her husband, Tuman, was faithfully at her side. He sat with her the early days when she wasn't really responsive, doing whatever needed to be done. This isn't something I often see in PNG men, them really loving their wives, so it was nice to see. I was able to have some conversations with him about the Lord. He isn't a believer, but felt like this illness of Bepi's had opened his eyes, and he wanted to know more. He got some reading material from the chaplains and each day I would find him learning more about the Lord when I rounded. I shared the gospel using the PNG flag before Easter to the ward, and they understand the truth. On discharge, I encouraged them to keep reading and praying to God, and trust Him to continue to open their eyes. I pray that this new life she got physically, would pave the way for a new life for her and her husband in Christ.