Thursday, June 4, 2009


William came to us last November with a pericardial effusion and stayed in the hospital for about 6-8 wks over Christmas. He underwent 2 surgeries, a chest tube, multiple pericardiocentesis, had spontaneous drainage of his effusion on 2 occasions, received lots of antibiotics and tuberculosis medicines. There were days when I didn't think he would live, or at least didn't think he would ever get rid of his infection and lead a normal life without coming to the hospital or staying in the hospital a lot. Thankfully, I was wrong. I saw William this week after he finished his TB meds. He is doing great. He is in school, he runs and plays with his classmates, has no pain, no sob, no complaints. He has no swelling of his legs or abdomen, and other than the scar on his chest, his scalebook with gives his medical history, and the camo shirt he got at Christmas while in the hospital, you wouldn't know he was ever sick. I told them this last visit, how thankful I was that God had helped and strengthened William throughout his illness, and how I was concerned at times that he wouldn't make it, but God was able. His dad, Joe, is very thankful that William is doing well. He was faithfully at William's bedside throughout his hospitalization, and we often prayed together for William's health. He expressed his appreciation for the care that we gave his son on numerous occasions, and thanked God for saving him. What a blessing to be apart of restoring health to a patient and his family.