Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ice Cream Shop

Lydia and Priscilla Radcliffe have started their own Ice Cream Shop. They are usually open every other Saturday afternoon and serve a variety of homemade ice cream flavors. For just 2K you are able to get 2 scoops of cherry guava, black rasperry, lemon sherbert, vanilla and peanut butter, or whatever the flavors happen to be. They are good at using ingredients that are available to them, i.e. cherry guava, black raspberry, etc. They usually make between 3-4 flavors that we get to choose from. They also give free samples, which is nice. It typically turns into a big social gathering for everyone on station as we come and enjoy ice cream. It is especially a social gathering for the 3 new puppies on station. Brutus, the black one, is Steph and Becky's, Buckeye belongs to the Radcliffes, and Copper belongs to the Dooleys. I am not sure how much money Cilla and Lydia are making in having their ice cream shop, but we are all sure enjoying it. Thanks girls.