Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What is it?

I recently got a chest xray on a patient who has having a cough. As I was looking at the xray, I found a calcified something in the area of his stomach/spleen. I hadn't seen this before and really wasn't sure what it was. I asked the pt if he took off his shirt for the xray to make sure it wasn't something in his shirt - it wasn't. I repalpated his abdomen and back to see if I felt a mass - I didn't. I ultrasounded him to see if I could find a mass - I didn't. I had them redo the xray - it was. Bill walked by and I showed it to him, he didn't know what it was either. We reultrasounded him and found something calcified anterior to his L kidney as we were looking from his back, but still didn't know what it was. Bill asked, "Is this why he is here?" Nope. So after everything I did, I spent 10 mintues trying to explain to this guy that he really is ok - it went something like this. Yu no gat bikpela sik. Taim mi bin lukim piska, mi lukim wanpela samting I stap, tasol mi no save wanem samting em. Mi bin pilim bodi bilong yu, tasol mi no pilim dispela samting. Mi bin lukim long computer scan, tasol mi no painim dispela sik. Mi bin lukim narapela piksa na dispela samting yet i stap, tasol mi no save em. Mi bin askim narapela dokta sapos em save, em no save. Em bin lukim computer scan, na mipela bin painim samting, tasol mipela no save wanem samting em. Tasol mi save, dispela samting em no mekim dispela sik yu gat. Mi bai skelim sampela marasin long helpim dispela kos yu gat. He didn't seem to believe me, but can you blame him? He returned from xray, got reexamined, got ultrasounded, got sent back to xray, got examined by Bill, got reultrasounded and now I am telling him he is ok and not to worry about it. I had to explain it a couple times in different ways before I got him to leave the room and go get his meds. Maybe next time I will think twice before I "keep looking" for answers to something I want to know, but maybe not, as this is what makes medicine, especially here, fun.