Friday, September 25, 2009

Psoas Abscess

Until I came here, I had maybe heard the words psoas abscess, but I really didn't know anything more about it other than it was an abscess (collection of pus) in the iliopsoas muscle. Since coming here, I have learned a lot about them after seeing a number of them. Initially, I didn't recognize the psoas abscess as such, and thought they had appendicitis or osteo of their hip, but I have learned the difference now. This patient presented with a classic presentation of a psoas abscess. He had complained of fevers, some lower abdominal pain, and he was unable to extend his leg. The ultrasound confirmed the diagnosis, and Jim did the definitive treatment and drained the pus. Most patients don't have this classic presentation, but since he had it for a month before coming in, his was a pretty extreme case. Thankfully, he did well.